Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Little Bird to The unique connection of mother and child 

A little bird faces a mystery 

As we witness one of life's mysteries 

The Little Bird (broken round) 

A lonely night a little bird
Again no single song was heard
Now stars do cry upon that tree
Where nothing new again occurred
An common bird no trouble he
Near pointless was his destiny
For each bright day was like the last
For someone else’s eyes to see
Shear emptiness to fill its past
No memories were there amassed
It often wondered why it’s here
Its uselessness appeared so vast
It watched a family so near
Whose Joy was shared for all to hear
They worked all day for chick in nest
They searched for food both far and near
Why couldn’t he have been so blessed
A little change a little zest
This endless dream a chance to break
A chance to bring his soul some rest
Into the tree there came a snake
The chicks alone its chance partake
The bird at last could something be
Would it break its past mistake

I leave it to you to paint a conclusion. Meanwhile here's Marianne Faithfull "This Little Bird" 

From a mysterious tale to 

Eric Clapton, Jack Nicholson, and Bobby Darin each grew up thinking their mothers were really their sisters. I think they found an interesting way around Mother's Day. On a more serious and heartwarming side, Pandora Jewelry has launched its 2015 Mother's Day campaign “All women are unique”. They took children, ages 3 to 9, blindfolded them and asked them to pick out their mother out of 6 women.  
Were Pandora Jewelry and the children successful? You tell me. "The unique connection" 

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