Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Magic Pair to Drive Thru Vanishing Food 

What is the magic shared by two lovers 

What is the magic that livens up some drive thru employees' night 

The Magic Pair (English sonnet) 

To see this pair would lead one’s heart astray
They truly lit the magic in the air
The wonder of spring’s flowers blossomed there
Igniting dreams once lost to yesterday
Fresh mornings were ignited by this pair
A dawn where kisses freely held the sway
And thoughts of love engaged a gentle play
All this and more was lit by couple’s flare
But somewhere in the middle of some night
A tragedy so jealous struck this bliss
And swept this couple to a lifeless shore
Yet to this darkness came a rainbow’s light
Instead of tears young couples chose to kiss
And in their love the pair was born once more

I may be giving away my age with this one: Louis Armstrong "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" 


Illusionist David Copperfield holds the record when on April 8, 1983 he made the Statue Of Liberty disappear. A little less ambitious, magician and prankster Rahat Hossain (MagicofRahat) only makes fast food vanish from a bag. No, he doesn't eat it. What starts out as another smart-alack customer, turns into amazement filled laughter. What starts out as another boring evening at work transforms into a memory and an entertaining video. 
One thing that remains unanswered. Did Rahat have to pay for his meals? "Drive Thru Vanishing Food" 

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