Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Night Of The Strangers to A robot having breakfast 

Strangers cast tears of sorrow and hope 

A strange breakfast of a girl who has become a robot 

The Night Of The Strangers (English sonnet) 

A stranger loose and wandering the night
He’s not quite half the man he use to be
The echoes of his footsteps bare his plight
Where once was light despair he now does see
A stranger to himself he had become
What madness came to tear his heart away
From heights of glory cast into his slum
Just emptiness awaits another day
Somehow their passion burst into a flame
And words never heard commanded the scene
Till everything else turned into a blur
So stranger now walks in streets of his shame
Yet mid the teardrops a new hope does glean
That the next stranger loose might be her

As a backdrop for this sonnet: Elton John "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" 

Hold on to your table 

The word "robot" supposedly first appeared in "Rossum’s Universal Robots", a play of 1929 by the Czech writer Karel Capek. Robots have evolved a long way since 1929. All the way to Karen X. Cheung doing her impression of a robot "enjoying" breakfast. Karen is a San Francisco based YouTuber, dancer, consultant and CEO of Giveit100, an inspirational video progress site. She has been featured in ABC, NBC, Good Morning America, Ellen, Washington Post, and the list goes on. Karen is very successful, so who better is qualified to demonstrate how a robot might eat breakfast.
What?... What does the "X" stand for! Just watch the video. "Girl dances like a robot having breakfast"

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