Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Phone Call to Baby Talks to Dad on Phone 

What is worse, a lover's phone call that never comes 

Or a phone call you can't understand (but incredibly cute) 

The Phone Call (sonnet) 

Upon a moment waiting restlessly
She lingers every heartbeat oh so dear
Each second of a lifetime does she clear
As she awaits a voice to set her free
She felt his solemn promise of a call
As kisses cast an ending to the day
And hand of fate would carry him away
The memory stays written on her wall
And as her stroke of midnight coldly nears
Her doubt creates a highway for her fears
Her hope is cruelly taken by her tears
As emptiness betrayal song she hears
There deep in sleep some gentle mercy brings
A phone left by her side now softly rings

(You may have noticed the third quatrain breaks the typical sonnet rhyme scheme. This was done as an ostinato of the girl's frustration.)

To go with this sonnet I've chosen: Secondhand Serenade "Your Call" 


Want to pump up the volume of your cell phone? Some say, put it in a bowl. The bowl's concave shape, they say, amplifies sound. Speaking of cell phones, look who is back. This cute little angel is talking with her dad. This video was shot years ago but it is making a resurgence. It seems there is a growing interest in the old classics. Along with Facebook, this video is now featured on viral video websites. 
What is real interesting: though she can't talk yet, she already knows how to use a cell phone. "Baby Talks to Dad on Phone" 

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