Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Proud Tree to What If Batman Was From Chennai 

One legend deals with pride 

Another legend deals with culture 

The Proud Tree (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Once in a grassy glade stood tree so proud
The grass grew tall beside the mighty tree
With every passing breeze the grass there bowed
But tree stood tall and firm as it could be
One day the tree did ask it friend the grass
Why is it that you greet each breeze this way
You bow to every stranger that comes pass
But for its answer grass gave gentle sway
A wind a storm just happened on their field
The grass just bowed as it had times before
And as before the tree just couldn’t yield
So angered wind tossed tree upon the floor
And as the once proud tree now slowly died
It watched the grass there bowing by its side

(I constructed this sonnet from a story told by my high school teacher Mr. Fred Wilkens.)

To go with this sonnet I've chosen: Secret Garden "Elegie" 

And with a laugh or two added 

Over the years many big names in Hollywood have played Batman. Yet few remember Kevin Conroy. His voice was used for batman's TV cartoon series and video games for 12 years (total). Even fewer have heard of Put Chutney. Put Chutney is a Chennai, India YouTuber with Culture Machine, an international production company. He has brought batman to India. Even more, he has infused his batman with the struggles of Chennai's middle class families, who fight to preserve their values. Maye these families fight against batman. 
This video was originally 3 hours long, but we have removed all musical products (joke). "What If Batman Was From Chennai? | Put Chutney" 

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