Tuesday, April 14, 2015

There She Waits to Haunted House Prank 

A haunting tale of love 

A haunted house of laughter 

There She Waits (poem) 

There in a special place set long ago
Where hearts were born in words I love you so
And ever’s kisses would begin their flow
Mid moments which would never lose their glow
At lovers’ gates
It’s there she waits
She wonders as so many times before
Will he still come to grace their heaven’s shore
The meaning scribed in nightly dreams restore
As flowers felt her hopes and wishes pour
With wind of fates
It’s there she waits
His life was one which rarely saw the light
Each breath he took was filled with deadly plight
His image caused so many grievous fright
That every instant had his end in sight
Yet in these straits
It’s there she waits
Was nothing which could stand in lovers’ way
No risk or danger which could pray to sway
The only purpose leading to this day
Whose endless kisses nothing would betray
In truth heart states
It’s there she waits
Not long before their meetings got around
And ageless lovers’ special setting found
The rain and lightning shrouded bullets’ sound
Which left her slowly dying on the ground
Where all negates
It’s there she waits

I hope you find this song as haunting as I did: The Swingle Singers "Dido's Lament" 

Then there's 

The real Amityville "horror house", made famous by the 1979 film "The Amityville Horror", went on sale and was sold in 2014. (It wasn't demons, but a divorce which forced the owners out.) I wonder if the real estate agents had as much problems as the ones brought in by Sky Living. Sky Living is television brand and channel owned by Sky plc available in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Back in 1977 a small house in Enfield, London made newspaper headlines worldwide for being haunted. Sky Living, via a kind old grandmother, some hidden cameras and some well hid and rigged movie magic, got some real estate agents to come in and estimate the property. 
Believe in ghosts or not, put yourself in their place as you enjoy: "Haunted House Prank" 

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