Thursday, April 2, 2015

Through A Window to Prank in Math Class 

What is it a man sees through his window 

A math teacher opens a window to possibilities and a laugh or two 

Through A Window (English sonnet) 

Off through a window his world awaits there
The streets are calling with thing they can do
What blossoms of light a smile can renew
Such changes ignite while under one’s care
Warm people exchange some hope now made true
Some inspiration they learned to share
A pathway to dreams was lit by a flare
A once in a while a footstep strolled through
Amazing what one can add to a day
A simple whisper can rouse Joyous shout
An act from the heart can scent the world’s air
Such glorious splendors passing array
As streets are calling wonders about
Off through a window he sat in his chair

Just happened to find this song and video with a similar theme: Yiruma 
"View From My Window" 


According to modern theories of higher mathematics, parallel lines eventually meet. What...? I'm going to the refrigerator and enjoy some ice cream. In the meantime, here's Matthew Weathers, a math teacher at Biola University. I could tell you all of professor Weathers' many glories, but let me share a true story of one of my teachers. I walked into class on the first day of class to see the teacher sitting behind his desk petting a kitten. When the bell rang, he bends over and pulls out a paper bag. He then stuffs the kitten into the bag, throws the bag out of window and says, "That's geometry." Right then and there, I decided that I love math. The teacher pulled the real kitten out of a drawer. He had switched it with a toy, without us knowing. I was lucky to have many more imaginative teachers. Matthew Weathers is a bit less shocking, but uses imaginative techniques to inspire students. 
Watch what professor Weathers did on April first. "April Fools Video Prank in Math Class" 

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