Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Timely Tree to Five-year-old Saige is moving on 

Who knows how long this familiar tree of fantasies has stood 

But little Saige has decided it is time to move on 

Timely Tree (Italian sonnet) 

The blossoms of a garden’s timely tree
Returning story planted dreams ago
Their scent still thrills the air with use to be
When branches sheltered lover’s kisses’ flow
Sweet flowers’ dance still glorifies the day
As timely tree casts meaning with its shade
How many tender heartbeats did it sway
How many precious memories were made
A distance saw some dark uncertain clouds
Whose rain would gain dominion of the sun
The timely tree stood firmly toward the shrouds
But towards its courage oh what fears would run
And as the world was shattered by the rain
Grim lightning adding terror to the night
Two lovers’ kisses started dawn’s refrain
As blossoms of a timely tree glowed bright

I thought a fitting tune to go with this sonnet is: Kemal Özer 
"Görüş Günü Konuşması / Oğlu İp Altında Bekleyen Ananın Söylediği" 

Ready to laugh 

An ant removed from its ant hill and released several kilometers from home will find its way back by its sense of smell. But what if it felt it was time to move on, like five-year old Saige? Something got inside Saige to tell her mother, it was time time to move on. Something made Saige feel it was time to move in with her friend Jenn. Something in the form of Saige's brother, who apparently threw dirt at her.
Will Saige follow her dreams? That is something "something" and Saige's mom have to wok out. "MY feisty five-year-old, Saige, is mad and she's moving on!" 

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  1. Beautiful sonnet! The 1st video is so relaxing, the kind of music I love to hear while writing. The 2nd one is a serious, funny and gorgeous girl. I loved both the videos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So kind of you, Thelma.
      Thank you
      The sonnet is from an actual tree, in Golden Gate Park, where Arlene and I kissed.