Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Trail Of Yesterday to Sizzler Promotional Commercial 1991 

Tired, one wanders a trail of yesterday 

A commercial of a yesterday returns to haunt 

Trail Of Yesterday (English sonnet) 

We met upon a trail of yesterday
Which once was graced with flowers of all kind
And cares of spring were always on my mind
Where once was me created my own way
We talked about a path so well defined
Of castles built for future’s children’s play
Of teacher’s quilt to warm dreams as they stray
Where thoughts of me were never hard to find
But here we were upon the way of now
Ahead laid darkness of the said unknown
My way to wonder fatigue would destroy
The call of rest bore heavy on my brow
Was for this rest all pasts I walked were grown
And as I closed my eyes I heard enjoy

(This sonnet was intentionally written to draw a reader in and paint their own pictures.)

And as we dream away, here's: Annie Lennox "Into The West" 

Talking about yesterday 

In 1923, the first commercial neon sign was used to promote Packard automobiles. But, let's skip ahead to 1991. That was the year Sizzler came out with its iconic promotional commercial. This is the actual commercial and has not been doctored up. It was put on YouTube on September 3, 2012 and there it slept. Sometime yesterday (April 14), Kristin Hunt, a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, brought Sizzler's commercial to her company. Several News agencies saw Kristen's article and watched Sizzler's "imaginative" pitch to the American people of 1991. Reporters' and writers' imaginations went wild, as this 2012 is now catching fire. In less than a day, it already attracted more views than it did since it was first posted.
Keep your eyes open and you will spot some very unusual things. "Sizzler Promotional Commercial 1991" 

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