Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ways Of Hidden Flowers to БОНЯ И КУЗЬМИЧ - What?

The flowers to a lover's heart 

Two flowers to unlock laughter 

Ways Of Hidden Flowers (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Warm secrets flowers whispered to the breeze
A serenade across a river flow
Which drift along toward timeless fantasies
Of treasured moments ever would bestow
Their glories flowers give to make the day
A Joyous splendor echoed by the sky
Another dream was fashioned in their play
Imaginations ever would live by
What wonders one may ponder leaves such bloom
What blossoms often shies away from eyes
The memories of ever will exhume
What ways of hidden flowers realize
So close your eyes and breath a wish come true
A secret scent which kisses me and you

More flowers: Al Marconi "Porcelain Rose" 

More flowers 

The flower nasturtium derives its name from the Latin nasus (“nose”) tortum (“to twist”), because its smell is so powerful that to inhale it was considered tantamount to having one's nose tweaked. But, laughter is sweet. As sweet as БОНЯ И КУЗЬМИЧ or Bonya and Kuzmich, a Russian comedy duo making their break-out on Youtube with their parodies. The guy in the back seat is reportedly just someone the duo piched up (and dressed up) to be in their in their video. If this video looks oddly familiar, these two Russian flowers said, "Girls SketchShe (3 Australian flower) - Thank you!!!" 
I suspect we will see more love and laughter from these flowers. "БОНЯ И КУЗЬМИЧ - ЗА МОЛОКОМ (BONYA&KUZMICH - ZA MOLOKOM)" 

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