Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Better Day to Nota-Merry Christmas Eve 

A man reflects on a "Better day" 

While these two have it endlessly wrong 

Better Day (free form poem) 

Here I sit
In a world of my own making
Drifting mid sorrows and glory
Waiting for a better day
But all the stars
Which once were in my reach
Appear to be off dancing
In a paradise I fashioned
Once upon a better day
Was it truly me
Did it truly happen after all
Would it truly matter by and by
Was it truly worth this state I’m in
What seeds await the coming rain
Whispers of a better day
But in the silence of the storm
Which echoes through this shell of me
A haunting voice of all those tears
Brings my hope this sweet refrain
Thank you
So in my mist I sit
The same old spirit rules my heart
The winds outside are changing
But blessed am I to feel the scent
Bringing me this better day

(Note: the substitution of "Thank you" en lieu of the "better day" ending. This was done to add depth of meaning.)

To add a backdrop to this poem here is meditation styling of Omar Akram and his version of 
"Run Away With Me" 

Let's take account of what they learned 

Take any number and multiply it times 9. Now add all the numbers of  the sum until you have one prime number. That number will always be 9. (example 3*9=18 : 1+8=9 : and it will work for any number*9) An accountant might find this interesting. Especially these two, who seem to get all else wrong. Welcome to the insanity of Notary Publix (Gina and Theresa Fra Diavolo and their arch-rival Erin Oatmeal). For these two, wrong extend past the skit, the skits, the... 
I strongly recommend not seeing these two, unless you need laughs. "Nota-Merry Christmas Eve, Turds! - Notary Publix" 
(This video was uploaded to YouTube only hours ago. Christnas Eve... another "Wrong" by Notary Publix.) 

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