Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Butterfly Carry My Tears to Miley Cyrus' tribute to Pablow the blowfish 

A lover turns to fantasy to reconnect with one lost 

Miley Cyrus pays last tribute to friend who gave her joy 

Butterfly Carry My Tears (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Oh butterfly won’t you carry my tears
To valley were dreams await to come true
And grant a flower this blessing of dew
A kiss of rainbow as sunshine appears
Float in the luster of legend of stars
Let your wings feel what eyes cannot see
And learn why my heart there always will be
In splendors of moments magic of ours
A cold bitter season took her away
And left me to ponder rivers of time
Grasping at answers which I cannot climb
But one lasting Joy I shall not betray
So butterfly dancing mid the sky
Please take my love these gems of times past by

To go with this sonnet I've chosen an instrumental rendition of Santa Esmeralda's 
"You're My Everything" 

Have tissue nearby 

Miley Cyrus grew up on a ranch in Tennessee and started riding horses at the age of just 2, which might help to explain her deep love for animals. It is rumored, Miley is vegan (except for shrimp). She owns and has cared for pets all her life. One of them was named Pablow. Pablow was Miley's pet blowfish. (Get it? Pa"blow" - "blow"fish.) Pablow just passed away and Miley put together a tribute for her friend. Celebrity news sites got hold of Miley's song and Pablow became the most famous blowfish in history. Plus, there might be more to this show of emotions than a fish, a pet, a friend.
Now, before you think this whole thing is a joke or a publicity stunt, watch the video. "Miley Cyrus sing a touching tribute, Pablow the blowfish - A devastated Miley Cyrus touching tribute"

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  1. That WAS compelling. Now I really have to figure out why. .. And it might involve some self searching...The thing is, after her "twerking" publicity, it is hard to imagine her (at least superficially based on the televised information we have to judge her) as a mature artistor that she has her psychic act together. That she mourns and celebrates her pet blow fish - the song aint bad. . . it actually DOES bring up some existential issues with respect to our relationship with other life forms here on earth. Good for her. On the other hand, holy jesus. . .. In any case, bravo, Godspeed and keep on twerking girl..

    1. thank you for the comment.
      let your imagination flow. I'm pretty sure Miley would want that.
      but the truth is: only she will ever know the real truth behind this,