Thursday, May 7, 2015

Moments to Cat Lady Dance 

From a lover's song of delight 

To a cat lady's crazy dance of laughs 

Moments (lyrical poem) 

Come my dear I’ll hold you tight
As we drift into the night
Wondrous dreams we will ignite
Mid the stars and pale moonlight
Every kiss unlocks a door
Whispered wish say go explore
Hearts on fire wish for more
Promises we can’t ignore
This moment is for you and me
This moment is our memory
This moment to share
How much we care
For moments for lovers like we
Come my dear let’s fly away
Till we find where delights stay
Reasons we will set astray
Promises were heard to say
This moment is for you and me
This moment to set feeling free
This moment so dear
To hold you near
As moments should forever be
Every kiss touches divine
As our hopes start to entwine
And to this all must resign
Promises time did enshrine
This moment is for you and me
This moment to trust happily
This moment to view
As lovers do
These moments in eternity

I bet you knew this song was coming: Climax featuring Sonny Geraci "Precious And Few" 

Let the craziness begin 

It has lately come to light (yet to be thoroughly studied) that cats meow mainly for humans (Fox News). This should make Amymarie Gaertner (Amy for short) real happy. Amy is a crazy cat lady and "crazy" is an understatement. Scott Winn and Derek Pueblo, of ScottDW, wanted to know what might happen when you mix a cat lady with a milk man (one Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer). The answer: a monumental moment, a delightful dance, a wondrous world, a chorus of cats and loads of laughter.
One more question everyone wants to know. How many cats are in this video? "Cat Lady Dance (Amymarie Gaertner & Glitch) - 4K"
(ScottDW wants everyone to know - No animals were harmed in the making of this film.) 

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