Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ripples Raced to Police VS Kids Marathon 

Upon an ancient pond ripples raced to again greet lovers 

While children and police raced to bring about laughter 

Ripples Raced (English sonnet) 

The ripples raced across the pond of gold
Soft memories returning to the shore
To carry hearts across the times before
When dreams had wings which lovers could unfold
With wondrous waves of passion to explore
What blossoms of forever they would mold
The stars upon the waters could behold
As ripples raced across the pond of old
Behold the flow which wishes brought to be
A wave apart to bask in a refrain
That not a single heartbeat would we miss
Did ever pulse so perfect fantasy
As splendors of the Joy which we sustain
While ripples raced across the pond to kiss

(Yes, the rhyme scheme on the second quatrain is wrong. "Old" doesn't rhyme with "explore". This was done intentionally.)

To go with this sonnet, we have the romantic styling of Roni Benise "Spanish Kiss" 

From love to laughs 

According to legend, the first Nike shoes were made inside a waffle iron, back in 1971. What this interesting, but useless fact has to do with a police officer chasing a small child, I don't know.I bet these innocent bystanders didn't know either. Bet and you will lose. It is our friends, in Canada (Just For Laughs), having some fun at their expense. All they see is a officer chasing a kid. So they help. So they think. What they don't know is: while their backs are turned the world has changed. 
But these innocent bystanders were successful at one thing and why I had to share this you. "Police VS Kids Marathon" 
(The video is working. Just click the arrow.)

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