Friday, May 29, 2015

Sarah’s Door to Holgado's Revenge 

Harken to the tales of two women - Sarah and Holgado 

One whose ending is a mystery - The other shear insanity 

Sarah’s Door (ode) 

My son there are fields you may stray
With flowers to take hearts away
Where you can be happy all day
But listen to words I now say
Enjoy life mid kisses galore
But stay away from Sarah’s door
So into the world boy did go
And boy did the boy put on show
The flowers would wait in a row
In hopes to just bask in his glow
Truly this was what youth was for
Now who would dare a dream for more
The Joy of day ran into night
There never was a time so right
Another kiss lurked out of sight
An endless flow of sheer delight
Had sparked his mind to Sarah’s door
From somewhere he had heard before
He shared his longings with a friend
Who warned him of some evil end
It’s Sarah’s door let’s not pretend
Rich kisses here we must defend
Such crazy thoughts we must ignore
Abandon thoughts of Sarah’s door
But Sarah’s door entered boy’s dreams
From it imagination streams
What lies behind its golden seams
To push his passions to extremes
It calls him taunts him to explore
What madness waits at Sarah’s door
Now there’s still fields for hearts to play
Where flowers wait to kiss the day
And youthful airs are on display
Except for one who went astray
Now they don’t see him anymore
Since he had knocked on Sarah’s door

(I leave the final mystery in your hands. There are no wrong answers.)

What be better with this tale: Mike Oldfield "The Exorcist Theme" 

Lady #2 

Some believe the herb nutmeg can actually get you high. They also believe, large doses can also kill you. Nutmeg is hardly the drug Holgado's organization deals in. Who? Holgado is a female villain created by Jack and Ben. Who? Jack (played by Alex Anfanger) and Ben (played by Lenny Jacobson) are characters, brothers in Comedy Central's Big Time in Hollywood, FL. Somehow the two filmmakers come face to face with the insanely mad Holgado and shotgun. But fear not, Rico changes the day. Who? 
Rico, the... Never mind. Just watch the video. "Big Time in Hollywood, FL - Holgado's Revenge" 
(WARNING-This video is a little violent.) 
(I guess I should have warned you earlier.) 
(I also guess I could have edited this edition.) 
(But as you are reading this, I guess I'm too late.) 

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