Saturday, May 30, 2015

Summers Ago to "Loud" An amazing breakdance in San Francisco 

A lover relives memories created summers ago 

While another heart creates new memories for summers to come 

Summers Ago (lyrical poem) 

Was this the path which we use to stroll
Those summers ago
Those summers ago
Flowers and moonlight taking their toll
To warm lovers’ glow
Those summers ago
Kisses ignited each happy refrain
Soft was the touch of enchantment’s rain
Fragrant are moments ever remain
Which grace did bestow
Those summers ago
Was this the way our hearts took control
And setting the flow
To summers ago
Following dreams and stars to patrol
Wonders to know
In summers ago
Keeping tomorrows clear in our sight
Joys we’d create fed our appetite
We were our mornings’ source of delight
Enjoyment to show
Through summers ago
And in the quiet fond wishes console
Memories flames flow
From summers ago
We take the path which once claimed our soul
Those summers ago
Those summers ago

(If you are a song writer and you want to set these lyrics to music: have at it. You have my permission.  I ask for no money, just a copy of your song.)

As a transitional piece I offer up this video ("Summer Memories") accompanied by: 
Band of Horses "The Funeral" 
(What struck me amazing about this video was that although it was shot in Poland, and the situations were different, it sparked my memories of young love. I can honestly relate) 

A new beginning 

A lot of people don't know this, but denim jeans were invented in San Francisco for the Gold Rush miners. Speaking of San Francisco, Marc Donahue (of PermaGrin Films) teamed up with the breakdance crew of Uncomfortably Fresh using this beautiful city as a backdrop, to create this amazing memory. Uncomfortably Fresh is an up and coming, San Diego based dance troupe. Dancers is a bit misleading, as they take motion to a new dimension. Don't be be surprised if Uncomfortably Fresh doesn't start popping up in more memories. 
Get ready for the next vision of breakdancing. "'Loud' by The Spacies & Jeremus" 

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