Sunday, May 3, 2015

Taken Away to Child Abduction (Social Experiment) 

A mystery surrounding a man's euphoria 

A sobering fact about child abduction 

(Let your imagination free) 

Taken Away (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What possible purpose is reason to me
Whose heart by a dream was taken away
To fields fraught with passion where wishes play
And whispers of kisses set my soul free
No limits just skies of things I can do
The music of winds is at my command
The pathways to wonder now close at hand
Those things which made sense are no longer true
Forever and never become the same
Those thoughts running wild are hard to maintain
I turn to unknown to help me explain
What had brought me here it once had a name
And as the man sank and followed his song
She poured one more drink and whispered so long

(If you followed the advise, to let your imagination go, you should now be blown away with possibilities.)

Now, meet one more mysterious woman: Manuel de Falla "El Amor Brujo" 

Something serious 

Every 40 seconds in the United States, a child becomes missing or is abducted. According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, in 2014 466,949 children, under the age of 18, were reported (Reported!) missing. Hopefully, this will not be a useless fact. This is a big number and it is only for 1 year. How is this possible? Here is Joey Salads. With his social experiment Joey gives use some disturbing insight into child abduction. He went to a playground and spoke to parents asking them if their children would talk to him, a total stranger, and walk away with him. Each parent told him that their child would either ignore him or run back to them. According to Metro News, all children went through the "Stranger Danger" program. 
Teachers and parents were shocked with the truth you about to see. "CHILD ABDUCTION (Social Experiment) - Child Abduction Prank" 

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