Friday, May 15, 2015

The Boy And The Stream to Something Contagious On The Subway 

A boy meets life 

A contagion streams on a subway car proving we are human after all 

The Boy And The Stream (poem) 

They met when they were both quite young
When destiny was still unsung
Then they awoke to youthful dream
This boy who ran across a stream
And waters joined to form a seam
And as they grew they shared their view
With each discovery a new
Exciting secret shared by two
What wonderment did they pass through
Then others came to join them there
Some flowers mingled with the air
And so much more with which to share
Reminders that they still do care
Are leaves that fall from everywhere
As one by one the flowers die
Their past is falling from the sky
Each teardrop just another why
But time can offer no reply
The friend he knew had fallen dry
There’s nothing left to feel him cry
He wanders through his memory
Searching how this came to be
The price of destiny
And it heard his plea
Whispered it’s me
Now I’m free
The sea

To drift with this poem I've selected: Karla Bonoff "The Water is Wide" 

Witness the truth 

It is believed that frequent and whole-hearted laughter can actually help one's body fight off colds and harmful diseases. I'm sure you've heard the expression, "laughter is contagious." Well, this lady gets on a subway car and starts laughing. No one but her and the person shooting this video know why. Soon others join in laughing. Some try to maintain their self control, but fail. One lady flees the outbreak of silliness. What is going on? 
Even wilder, I found myself joining the laughter. " Finally, Something Contagious On The Subway You Won’t Mind Catching" 
(We are all human after all) 

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  1. I love that poem and yes, I believe in the healing power of laughter and that is why I even laugh at myself. :-)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Lia. Being able to laugh at oneself is s gift of self-confidence (I believe).