Friday, May 22, 2015

The Family to Super Kids Epic Showdown 

In bounty or plight there is strength in a family 

Add some super powers to a family and you may have a viral video 

The Family (transforming poem) 

Within the warm of family
The season’s Joy they’re blessed to see
A time they can together be
And share the year’s prosperity
Around a fire they laugh with glee
And raise their glasses gratefully
There in the cold and bitter night
They sing familiar melody
With table set so carefully
A family shares a tragic plight
For them there is no Joy in sight
Their places set comfortably
With no food for their appetite
They find some shelter mid dim light
They gain some comfort holding tight
They all give thanks for their bounty
How did their riches turn to blight
Perhaps the dawn will set thing right
While in the distances songs so bright
Soft tears recall once was delight

(There are two mysteries embedded in this poem. One is: are there two families or just one. The other is: although "hope" is not directly mentioned, the poem seems to ring with it.)

My taste in music changes from daily, so it is hard to pin me down on my favorite song. 
Ask me what my favorite hymn is: Jean Sibelius "Be Still My Soul" 

Let's add to this 

The consumption of natural vanilla causes the body to release catecholamines (including adrenalin), thus for this reason it is considered to be mildly addictive. What? Enough about supper facts and on to super facts (or fiction). Meet  Daniel Hashimoto and his family, his wife Mandy, James his son and the new addition Sophia. You are probably wondering why the police SWAT team has  Daniel's house surrounded. It has something to do with the his kids. 
Follow the challenges in a day of the Hashimoto family, "Super Kids Epic Showdown | Action Movie Kid Has A Field Day" 
(Did you catch Field Day's, the producer of this video, hidden message? 
Clue: It has something to do with the power of youth/children.) 

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