Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Phone Was Ringing to Look at Your Phone 

A relationship changed and the only clue was a mysterious ringing phone 

The world has changed thanks (?) to the power of the phone 

The Phone Was Ringing (transforming poem) 

The phone was ringing on the day they kissed
A shining sun had followed morning mist
And dreams of after madly still persist
What special something was the scent she missed
Sweet melodies of love she did enlist
Reminder of what heartbeats now consist
As feelings ran beyond what words could say
She never knew before such things exist
There was so much of truth she did resist
The winds of spring felt softer in this way
She hid aside the blossoms of decay
For her they were but passing seasons’ gist
But as he left her life took on a twist
A note a cloud a shadow to her day
The answer to those mornings of dismay
The truth which she resisted was not play
Was then her flow of tears would turn world grey
How could a love so faithful one betray
Was clear within this life she could not stay
The phone was ringing when she went away

To go with this poem, we offer Oceanflower1's rendition of "If you go away" 

While I'm on the phone, go ahead 

Revolving doors were first invented as a way to keep horses out of department stores. If you believe that, you may also believe Americans can now live without their cell phones. Which (somehow) brings us to Todd Womack. of Brooklyn, New York. Todd is a member of Barely Political, a large and popular YouTube channel. Todd, himself, could not sell his important message about the cell phone, so he dawned his Pitbull persona to help him. And while he is playing Pitbull, he might as well dawn "the rap" (or loose , very loose, impression of it) to get his important message across. 
Okay, maybe Todd's message was more silly, than important, but it all ends well (for those who don't appreciate Todd's imitation of Pitbull or don't like Pitbull, himself). "Look at Your Phone! - Key of Awesome #97" 

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