Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Rose to The Dog - A lovers' Edition  

We start with the kindness of a fiery red rose 

And end with the kindness of a dog, to lead us to two tales of love 

The Rose (Shakespearean sonnet) 

My fiery rose please listen to my heart
And take its message to the one I love
Restore some meaning to this time apart
Then whisper to her what we’re dreaming of
I’m trusting you to help restore her smile
For in the night I’m sure she feels like I
May your scent transform her lonely while
Then whisper of a love which will not die
And when at last your luster has to fade
And you have done your best some pain to hide
And all the doubt that you helped to dissuade
Then whisper that I’ll soon be at her side
Until that time and in this time we miss
Then whisper to my love this special kiss

I've decided to go in a slightly different direction with the song section. I hope you like it. 
Josh Groban "February Song" 

Can you handle one more 

The first chartered bank of the United States was the First Bank of the United States, formed in 1791 by The United States Congress. What do banks have to do with love? Stick with me on this one. We skip over to Thailand where a stray hungry dog meets a human being. Kindness, understanding and cuteness explode. I won't give away any more. This is a commercial for a bank! A Thai bank named Kiatnakin. whose motto is; "Become A Better You". The ad has little to do with Kiatnakin's product. But rather, it is a gift to its customers and potential customers, to make them feel good. 
It is also an effort of a company (a Bank no less!) to spread the message of kindness. "THE DOG : ธนาคารเกียรตินาคิน (Official HD)" 

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