Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Theater Of Dreams to Justin Timberlake's: No Limes Needed 

The Theater of Dreams was grand but time has come to close 

Follow the rise and fall of the lime - Justin Timberlake 

Theater Of Dreams (free form poem) 

It was late into the evening
I am closing the last door
Drifting in once more
Now that my friends are gone
Leaving me alone with the Joy and the tears
The echoes of the music
Which filled hall
Whose glorious walls
Where famed by all
Oh the time
Oh the thrills
Oh the magic
The constant cascade
Of moments we made
Gone one by one
Joining the starlight of dreamers
And there was her
If my life was not blessed enough
There was her
Behind every creation I conjured up
There was her
The reason for heartbeats
Each Joyous repeat
As problems retreat
Was her
Was her
Was her
But it was closing time now
It is late into the evening
I am closing the last door
Drifting in once more
A glorious before
Each precious instant
Cast into the memories of moon filled nights
And there she was
A specter in a shadow of a moment
As beautiful as I can remember
Forever my soul bears her ember
And as I lock the final door
To this palace of past
This theater of dreams
Were real once met it seems
She offers me her hand
Whispering let’s do it over again
As I reached out and cried

(To all my faithful supporters,you may have noticed that I capitalize "Joy" in all of my poetry. Joy was Arlene' middle name.)

When I think of ballrooms this song comes to mind: Glenn Miller "Moonlight Serenade" 

A touch of lime with that 

Limes make their way into innumerable foods and beverages as a flavoring agent, and lime essential oils are used in the formulation of many household products. As impressive as that is, there was a time when limes where were so much more. Here, to share with us the rise and fall of the lime, is Rick "Sour" Vane, who looks a lot like Justin Timberlake. Looks a lot like, because he/it is. Justin is promoting his new line of tequila, Sauza 901. What is unusual about this viral video, besides getting use to JT in that costume, for some reason it didn't wildly take off until 2 days after it was posted on YouTube. 
I guess people had trouble believing it was really Justin Timberlake. "Justin Timberlake's Sauza® 901®: No Limes Needed" 

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  1. Enjoyed this post and poem. ...Had not seen the video but found enjoyed that too. .. He's a genuine actor/performer/talent - the advertising producers/writers are "good" these days in that they understand what turns the head and is quirky just enough to sell the product. Thanks for that one....

    1. Thank you for your comments.
      It is great supporters, like you, who have helped me improve.