Monday, May 18, 2015

They Are Waiting to This Dance Team Is Extremely Cool 

They are waiting patiently for us to realize them 

The inspiration of this dance team is our proof  

They Are Waiting (English sonnet) 

They open to a realm of what might be
We can’t believe is there within our sight
They’re calling out to us to hold them tight
What is this jealous doubt that makes us flee
What limits are the thoughts which they ignite
A make-believe that we can clearly see
What limits now our possibility
What limits call us back into the night
Those reasons sent to cloud our youthful eyes
Whose answer to our hopes is always no
While there within our hearts we hear their screams
They open to a realm that’s free of lies
Where our imagination’s free to flow
To flow amid the streams of all our dreams 

Here is a lady walking in her dreams: Enya "Adiemus" 

Ready to be amazed

Simon Cowell’s (of Britain's Got Talent, the X factor and American Idol) first job in the music business was in the EMI mail room. There was a man with a dream. But rather than going through the volumes of his history, let's enjoy Team UDI. Team UDI is a Siberian "shadow" dance troupe. And even more, they are in the charity work of helping children. And even more, they are dreamers. They have been around for many years, evolving from ballet, to break dancing, to twerking. Now team UDI set their dreams on amazing Simon Cowell and his fellow judges on Britain's Got Talent. 
But all this were just words. Watch. "Will dance troupe UDI be left out in the cold? | Britain's Got Talent 2015" 

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