Sunday, May 31, 2015

This Chance to NBA Finals Target Cart 

One lover asks to take this moment - this chance 

Two lovers (of s different kind) replay a moment - a chance 

This Chance (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I only ask to bless me with this day
One chance one hope to enter paradise
This chance to put all other things away
And see what only dreamers realize
Come see with me what sunshine has to hold
This chance to wish a world we knew goodbye
Our chance to see a make-believe unfold
And see like dreamers reaching toward a sky
Let’s leave believe a weary world behind
Our chance is dancing see it there ahead
One chance to drift in wonder of this kind
And be what other dreamers left unsaid
I only ask you bless me with this chance
This chance to hold your hand into romance

What song comes to mind when we think of "chance"? Johnny Mathis "Chances Are" 

Next lovers up 

The word Pennsylvania is misspelled on the Liberty Bell. Just thought you'd like to know before we move to the NBA playoffs. Well not exactly the NBA or the playoffs. The basketball fanatic, Qias Omar and his girlfriend are back (and back at Target). Coincidentally, Qias is a Warriors fan and his girlfriend is a Cavaliers fan but they still love each other very much. After the overwhelming success of the pair's video, "MARCH MADNESS TARGET CART BASKETBALL!!", they put together one more chance for laughter. I think the couple was successful. 
Shhh... not to spoil anything, Qias' girlfriend let him win and even made him a trophy. "NBA FINALS TARGET CART BASKETBALL" 

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