Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Dream A Stream to Making Sydney smile SketchShe style 

A stream refreshes a dream 

Three dreams do their part to refresh Sydney 

A Dream A Stream (free form poem)

A stream
A dream
It’s calling me back
To the beginnings
Fathoms unknown
Yet there I lie
There by its side
As it carries on
To its destined end
As it sings to me
A voice from way back then
Songs of remember when
I sadly say farewell
To the waves which have carried me
I’m sorry we must part
I’m sorry it must end this way
I’m sorry time has come at last
But we made moments
Rainbows of memories
There across the sky
Its waters kissed my hand
Which stretched beyond the season’s bank
To touch the face of timeless friend
In that stroke I shed a tear
A gem of the journey we shared
Bear this gift there to the ocean
Where I will be waiting for you

Don't ask me to explain. I just felt this song: Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli performing 
Francesco Sartori and Lucio Quarantotto "Time To Say Good-Bye" 

They're back 

It is estimated approximately 4.5 million people visit the Sydney Opera House each year. This is about a quarter of Australia's total population and more than twice the number of yearly visitors to America's White House. Lana, Shae-Lee and Madison (SketchShe) are also from Sydney. In an effort to thank their beloved city, the three SketchShe dreams go out  to share a smile on their countrymen. Here is an interesting twist:  instead of performing their routine in the famous car, the threesome only use the car to change for the next scene. Remember: SketcheShe became popular at a time when many performed sketches from inside a vehicle. I wonder if the three have sparked a new trend. 
We'll see. "Minions mischief...making Sydney smile SketchShe style!" 

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