Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dance While We Can to 100 Places of Dance 

Unsure of the songs of life's adventure so let's dance while can 

A young man demonstrates that his dance will work in 100 different places 

Dance While We Can (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What will we say of a life like a song
It kisses the breeze to welcome its day
In tones to tempt flowers as it sweeps along
We’ll dance while we can an echo might say
It twinkles through hearts of birds in the trees
Who teach it to clouds which chance to pass by
Which write across skies such moments as these
To dance while we can comes heaven’s reply
The silence of night may add clarity
To tones of the past that then seem so near
And timelessness claims a sweet melody
So dance while we can while song is still here
What will we say of song from life’s stream
That dance that we had was only a dream 

Whether just shaking my body or a Cha cha or a Waltz, there was always an extra "something special". It is hard to explain, but I found a video that touches upon it:  
Andre Rieu performing Shostakovich "The Second Waltz" 

Ready for more 

It is rumored that ballroom dancing is gotten so popular in China that people practice at the bus stops. Now, I'm not sure if Matt Bray, of ProectOneLife, dances at bus stops or is even Chinese. As far as I know he lives in Naperville, Illinois. ProjectOneLife has been doing amazingly well, since its introduction in April of 2014. It is no wonder Matt is dancing. 
At first, I thought this was all a computer trick. Then, as the video's charm drew me in, I started to notice there was more than a simple editing of backgrounds and costumes. Matt had successfully blended his moves with the 100 changes. 
Good job, Matt. May the dance of life grant you many more successes. "100 Places of Dance" 

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