Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Does Your Man Love You This Much to Weatherman hates girlfriend 

Some misleading limericks 

A weatherman broadcasts to the world a little more than the weather 

My Wife’s Favorite Perfume (limerick)

This perfume wife bought by the case
To help keep my passions in place
As night came our way
And I felt like play
She’d apply a spray of her mace

Does Your Man Love You This Much (limerick) 

To find out if husband did care
Wife ran around house all but bare
His senses not numb
Her man wasn’t dumb
He got his wife something to wear

This Is A Test (“limerick”) 

My date well she wasn’t quite dressed
So there on her couch I did rest
When door to her nook
Swung open from hook
And gave me a look at her fine collection of magazines

(Follow beats in lines 3, 4 and 5 and you will discover 6th rhyme. "This Is A Test" is not strictly a limerick. It does demonstrate how breaking from a set form can add to a poem. - I used breaking set forms to see the world a bit differently. For instance, when I was a youth soccer coach, I thought it strange to use running laps as punishment. Especially for kid playing a sport that requires running. I therefore ran with my teams and encouraged the parents to do the same, to show running laps was fun. And it was. It wasn't long before this concept was taken into schools.)

Back to the craziness. Here's Ernie Kovacs and The Nairobi Trio performing 
Robert Maxwell's "Solfeggio" 

The crazy gets crazier 

According to Emoji, 94% of the words used by the weatherman are Storm, Cold, Hot, Cloud, Wind, Temperature, Sun and Rain. This weatherman, with Weather Center, goes a little further. Along with the weather forecast, he gives his viewers an insight into his personal life. He must have had a falling out with his girlfriend.  Being a professional, he works his frustration in with his forecast. It takes the channel a lifetime (TV air time) to catch what's going on. The man has lost it. 
I guess the weather was cloudy. "Weatherman Hates Brunch" 

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