Friday, June 12, 2015

Her Loving Arms to Twisted eyewitness account of car accident 

A crazy world is set right in his lover's arms 

But other arms await this crazy eyewitness 

Her Loving Arms (lyrical poem) 

Confusion rife
Streets filled with strife
Harsh pains of life
Scars of a knife
Her loving arms
Still hold me tight
A loss of job
All hopes to rob
Extents to lob
My silence mob
Yet in her arms
World is alright
Money past spent
Can’t pay life’s rent
Lasting repent
Gone are the dreams
Those youthful themes
Dried out old streams
Lost without hope
Darkness to scope
Mad mire to mope
But then her arms
Save me from plight
Mornings’ refrain
Every new strain
Saneness maintain
Bleakness in view
Warnings renew
Lies turning true
And still she’s there
Her love to share
All else laid bare
Within her arms
Glorious sight
Heartless and cold
Fates may unfold
Problems untold
To this I hold
Her loving arms
Still hold me tight

To go with this poem I'm using: Seal "Stand By Me" 

You're alright - it's the upcoming 

According to latest information, 90% of New York City cabbies are recently arrived immigrants. 
More news - In Jackson, Mississippi, a police officer was sent to the hospital after being involved in a crash. Reporters were fortunate to run into Courtney Barnes who saw the whole thing. 
Take it away Courtney. "Courtney Barnes - Must see eyewitness description - WLBT 3 On Your Side" 
(The weird gets weirder - Courtney Barnes went wildly viral, but with a twist. All her/his instant fame landed her/him in the arms of the law. Courtney was arrested by the Jackson police. It seems Courtney may be the shop lifter they are looking for, or so store surveillance cameras say.) 
(Lesson - Criminals should not make viral videos.) 

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