Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Imagine Me to You're Not Deep, You're Drunk 

A couple in love is in a world apart 

There other worlds inhabited by stranger creatures 

Imagine Me (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Imagine floating free without a care
Where even rules of time do not apply
A scent long forgotten calls you from high
And every answer imagined is there
Imagine tasting realms of pure delight
Where even dreams do rush to see your view
A scent of memories sparkling anew
And every feeling imagined is right
Imagine imagining what might be
The veils of heaven brushing passion’s soul
And for this moment truly being whole
And close your eyes to glimpse eternity
You wonder for the source to all of this
Imagine while we share another kiss

When we think of love Romeo and Juliet must come to mind. When I think of Romeo and Juliet this song comes to my mind:
Des`Ree "Kissing You" 

Are you ready for another world 

It is believed that the world’s oldest known recipe is for beer. I may have gotten this useless fact from these two young ladies. Excuse me if I can't recall their names. We were discussing some pretty deep stuff. I do recall they work for CollegeHumor, the Los Angeles based YouTube channel. 
At first, I simply thought this video was funny. Then it turned out to be cleaver. Then, as I was putting this edition together, I began to realize an even deeper and more cleaver message.
See if you can see what I did. "You're Not Deep, You're Drunk (All-Nighter)" 

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