Monday, June 22, 2015

Kiss’s Endless Question to If you're going 80 mph 

Caught in an endless riddle caused by the scent of this 

In another forest a "simple" question takes on new depth 

Kiss’s Endless Question (round) 

I will not linger on your kiss
All thoughts of it I will dismiss
I’ll set my mind on other things
In hopes to free my soul of this
I’ll give it wings to soar passed springs
Where flower’s scent reminder brings
Perhaps those trees their shade might ease
How much the loss of kisses stings
But in these trees a playful breeze
Does tell my heart a tale to tease
That set its beats toward kisses crave
Till yonder cave my eyes do seize
Here in the dark I’m free to brave
Just why for these I am a slave
No plant or wind to torture thought
No idle lips to misbehave
But in the dark alone I sought
The source that started this onslaught
From pure delight this reckless flight
Another bright idea I got
Perhaps this thought just needs some light
A kiss to quench an appetite
Might bring some peace to this abyss
And set this endless riddle right

(Keep in mind: This is a round. It has no beginning or end. The third line of each stanza leads to the next stanza. So, the last third line leads back to the beginning of the round. Talk about kisses: I'm a real sucker for them, especially my wife's. Much like the nature of this round, I am enjoyably lost in her kisses' power over me.)

With this round and that little insight enjoy: Quite a Handful performing 
Peter, Paul and Mary "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" 

Hold on to your brain 

It is believed that tn Tokyo, a bicycle is faster than a car for most short trips. Short trips have nothing to do with one girl's mind. There are many other videos featuring people attempting to decipher similar versions of this "complicated" math problem, but none quite like this one. In 2012, Jaymie McGill asked her friend the seemingly simple question, if you’re traveling at 80 mph, how long will it take to go 80 miles? It seems, not as long as it takes for her to come up with the answer or for us to stop laughing. Jaymie's work is back in the public eye and YouTube's hot viral videos list. 
Thought: if your friend makes a successful viral video, like this one, of you, stay on their good side. "If you're going 80mph how long will it take go to 80miles?" 

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