Monday, June 29, 2015

Lonely Footsteps In The Streets to Street Fighter in Elevator 

Whose are the footsteps that bring comfort to the streets 

More than can be said of he street fighters who prank an elevator 

Lonely Footsteps In The Streets (repeating poem) 

When morning came to grant the day its glow
And life began to put on one more show
As once again the people come and go
An silent unknown mystery repeats
His were the lonely footsteps in the streets
It looked a lot like any other day
Where everything just came and went its way
Some cause for Joy and tears for some dismay
Yet no one sees or feels the coursing beats
His were the lonely footsteps in the streets
For some were tasks and labors to be done
While other basked in glories of the sun
Another moment set for everyone
When all that lays before them time completes
His were the lonely footsteps in the streets
But when some corner hears a needy cry
Or cause which needs a hand it can rely
A hope a care a heart to get it by
This wonder of a timeless soul unseats
His were the lonely footsteps in the streets

(When I became an officer on the masonic line, I used to visit my sick and shut-in brothers. To be honest, it wasn't my idea, but that of one of my mentors, Jake Jakel (now passed). In fact, Jake would drive me to almost all the visits. I was part of his plan to help raise my influence among the masons. After four years Jake, I and the Lodge began to notice a strange side effect. There was no magical or mystical forces at work. The mere fact that Martin came to visit sparked something possitive. It was a real lesson that would improve the way things were.)

To go with this insight and poem: Elton John and lyricist Tim Rice 
"He Lives In You" (from "The Lion King") 

From hope to madness 

Jean-Claude Van Damme turned down the role of Johnny Cage in the 1995 film Mortal Kombat. It is rumored, he had a drug problem at the time. Yousef Saleh Erakat (of Fousey Tube) and crew have taken up the challenge, in case there are plans for any future movies. Yousef and crew are big Street Fighter fanatics. They only have one minor problem. (No, not drugs.) They keep practicing their skills in elevators on hapless (not helpless) victims. 
It is rumored, none of the Fousey Tube are eligible for any future Street Fighter movies, but they might be responsible for laws about practicing Street Fighter on elevators. "STREET FIGHTER ELEVATOR PRANK!" 

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