Saturday, June 6, 2015

Names Across The Sky to The Starbucks Interview Spelling Test 

A love so epic it can only be written across the sky 

But can they pass the Starbucks spelling test 

Names Across The Sky (rotating rhyme) 

Let’s sail away upon another day
Enjoying paths which never has to end
And on our way we’ll share a kiss or two
As lovers write their names across the sky
We’ll bask in moments winds will whisper by
While in our eyes such fantasies will stray
The splendor love has waiting round life’s bend
Will have to wait until a kiss is through
And all our while such kissing we will do
That dreams and wishes teach us how to fly
As music made will guide hearts on their way
Within each other’s bliss our souls ascend
Is this a live we sail or just pretend
Another day another kiss in view
Let’s bid the seasons past our love goodbye
And fashion memories of life’s bouquet
So on this gift of day let’s sail away
And be the treasure which our love will send
Rich ways of wonder kisses will renew
As lovers write their names across the sky

(If you didn't notice, the last words rhyme with the last words of next stanza. Also notice, the rhyming words move down one step, until the original rhyme pattern is reached.)

To celebrate this love here's Armik "Isla Del Sol" 

Coffee anyone 

According to Starbucks, with all the unlisted potential ingredients, there are a total of 87,000 different drink combinations. And Starbucks should know, But, doesn't it make you wonder how Starbucks came up with such an even number (87,000). Even more important than the drink combinations, is spelling. Many customers get very upset (especially after a strong cup of coffee) when their name is spelled wrong. For those of you thinking of leaving your careers and dreams to be a Starbucks barista our friends at BuzzFeed have put together this insightful video. 
This video also may (or may not) help us understand why Starbucks is so expensive. "The Starbucks Interview Spelling Test" 

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