Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Out Of Sight to Stop-Motion Karate 

A struggle, a conflict with the unknown 

A struggle, a competition more defined 

Out Of Sight (tone poem)

Foggy night
Thoughts alight
Out of sight
Out of sight
Truth takes flight
By some fright
Groundless plight
Mindless might
Far from light
Fears ignite
Out of sight
Out of sight
It’s alright
Hopes recite
To build mite
False delight
Finds a height
From mind’s blight
Out of sight
Holding tight
Doubt to smite
So contrite
Out of sight
Bitter bite
Fate rewrite
Terror’s rite
Flaccid fight
Brought respite
Out of sight
Out of sight

(We use the word "night" as the domain of the unknown, whether in our days or nights. I struggled with nightmares till my mid thirties. Though many involved my step-father, others seemed unrelated. My only escape was to wake up and it was hard to go back to sleep, sensing what was waiting. I found all my nightmares were somehow tied to my childhood. I learned that I could control my dreams. After many years, I confronted my step-father, in a dream, and never had another nightmare.)

After that flight into madness, here's: Dave Brubeck Quartet "Blue Rondo à la Turk" 

Next conflict please 

Remember Bruce Lee's movie "The Big Boss" (1971)? Many credit it for the major growth of Asian martial arts to the rest of the world. It seems that these two took up the study of martial art for the same reason I did. To impress the girls. These two being Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer of Corridor Digital. They are not quite black belts, only yellow and pink (pink!?). B,ut all this may soon change as a major motivation entered the picture. That motivation leads to an impressive stop-action battle.
One can say this video is well grounded. "Stop-Motion Karate"

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