Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pearl to Moulin Rouge and Lady Marmalade 

One lover's mind dances with his pearl 

While an entire fraternity let their minds drift in Lady Marmalade 

Pearl (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What is this swirl that has a hold of me
My mind’s a whirl as reason starts to go
A dance a twirl my heart how can this be
A special pearl just said she loves me so
And so I swirl in hopes to find my feet
In such a whirl I wonder what to do
I dance and twirl and barely miss a beat
My precious pearl please know I love you too
Into this swirl these thoughts which lovers share
This unknown whirl which challenged their delight
It danced a twirl a show that it was there
This wisdom’s pearl to keep our love in sight
And so we swirl to give our love a whirl
I danced this twirl for you my little pearl

(Note the repeating words, or concepts, in the middle of each quatrain. In the rhyming couplet all four words were used. Some may say, this lowers the message of the sonnet. Some may say, this is a nice example of word play. Some may say, this is an interesting insight into a lover's psyche.)

In my world, there was no dance quite like the tango. John Powell "Assassin's Tango" 

From the one to the many 

The oldest active American college fraternity is the Chi Phi Fraternity. founded in 1824 at Princeton University. Let's leave Princeton and the United States and fly to England and Oxford. There we will find a group of young men called Out of the Blue. Founded in 2000, this student-run A Capella group sings an "eclectic mix" of songs.  They came to international attention among pop music fans when they were the subject of a tweet by the noted musician Shakira, who complimented them for the cover they did of one of her songs in support of a charity which they support. As part of their newest project, Moulin Rouge, Out of the Blue does their tribute to frat boys everywhere, whose minds turn from studying to what else... girls! 
Are you ready for an experience? "Lady Marmalade - Charity Single - Moulin Rouge - Out of the Blue" 

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