Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Perhaps A Dream to The Perfect Bacon Sandwich 

A lover may trifle with our imagination 

But we are about to learn how to make the perfect bacon sandwich 

Perhaps A Dream (English sonnet) 

I kiss this night the ending to my day
So warm the wind which waits to welcome me
My mind now waits to join some memory
A dream perhaps it’s not for me to say
The flowers lend their special melody
To times which weren’t so very far away
When lighter hearts held worlds within their sway
A dream perhaps which waits for clarity
What stream of tears dares trifle with my rest
What shadows are still frightened by the night
It’s not for me to trifle with their quest
It’s time they found the reason for their plight
For me there waits the reason I was blessed
A dream perhaps just waiting out of sight

(I tried to keep this story as open as possible to allow our imaginations to paint the final strokes.)

To help us float on awhile: Wojciech Kilar "Love Remembered" 

Now what you're really waiting for 

It is believed that a 200-pound pig will produce approximately 20 lbs. of bacon. Now take that to the bank or a frying pan. To help us turn that bacon into perfect bacon sandwiches here's Leigh Hart. Leigh Hart ("That Guy") is not exactly a world renowned chef. He is a widely known New Zealand comedian and television host. It came to Moon TV's attention that Leigh had a real gift, when it came to bacon, and pleaded if he would share his rare gift with the rest of the world. 
I know your mouth is watering in anticipation So here's Leigh Hart with: "Munchies, The Perfect Bacon Sandwich" 

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