Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer’s Field to Pups running for dinner 

For the lovers summer came and it went - except 

For these two mealtime was their summer - day to day, month to month, Joy to Joy 

Summer’s Field (poem) 

We spent our days in summer’s field
Where promises were flower’s yield
And nothing was from us concealed
This season put aside for two
Each breeze would call me to your side
To touch the dreams that hearts confide
And let our kisses be our guide
Through summer’s field where wishes grew
We’d find delight in holding tight
Such flights would summer’s field ignite
That nothing quite would feel so right
Until those youthful days were through
Then seasons of cold winters came
With biting winds so hard to tame
We fought to guard our precious flame
Through mornings filled with bitter dew
Then in your eyes came yesterday
Though outer youth had gone astray
Were summer’s field that far away
For love whose blossom had proved true

(You may have noticed, the rhyme scheme of each stanza changes. The last line holds its own rhyme to the end. This was done to show a constancy in a changing idea. Arlene and I met in winter, but summers would be our magic. Whether by planning or that things just happened that way, the best of life seemed to unfold in summer. What was even more wondrous, Arlene seemed to carry those summers in her eyes... in her personality.)

Well, let's top this idea off with: Seals and Crofts "Summer Breeze" 

While there's still time 

Studies seem to show that time perception differs dramatically across the globe. For example, Americans tend to think about time in 5-minute increments, while Middle Easterners do so in 15-minute increments. A little less out there and a lot cuter is a video created by Chris Cardinal, of Phoenix, Arizona. It is of two Golden Retrievers, Colby and  Bleu, who are on a mission. You may notice a slight change in the pups as the video continues. That's because it took Chris almost a year to put this masterpiece together. Colby and  Bleu were born in July of 2014. 
When we enjoy how this video ends, we have to be amazed in Chris' planning. "Pups running for dinner, timelapse style" 

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