Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Dance to Johanna channeling Aretha Franklin 

A couple's dance reawakens a flame in others 

A 6 year old's dance awakens YouTube 

The Dance (English sonnet) 

Remembering when they first saw them dance
Discomfort what they saw upon that floor
More strange the sense they felt the same before
Before they all were claimed by social trance
Remembering their special dance once more
Discomfort was a thrill they often chance
More strange were feelings shared amid a glance
Before the youth they knew passed through that door
But tears it seem has taken them away
And soon the tune the band plays will be through
Remembering forever marks their doom
Discomfort causes all their fear to stray
More strange to feel the heartbeats they once knew
Before they danced they felt lost love in bloom

(The English sonnet format worked well with this idea. Note that each line of the first two stanzas begin with the same words. In the "conflict stanza" (the third stanza) it seems the word progression will end. But the word form reawakens.)

Back to the dance. Here's Trang and Thinh dancing to Andrea Bocelli "B├ęsame Mucho" 

Next dancer 

According to legend,  famed dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were not permitted to dance together in public, according to their movie contracts. What was up with that? And what's up with the unusually large number of "kid dancing" videos popping up on YouTube lately? It seems we can blame six year old Johanna of Raleigh, North Carolina. At a dance recital, Johanna performed her rendition of Aretha Franklin's ``Respect''. Her mother captured the moment and posted it on YouTube. The video went so wild, others are trying to catch Johanna's wave of success. 
Prepare to enjoy the wave that is stirring the waters of viral videos, right now. "Johanna channeling Aretha Franklin!" 

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