Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Whisper In The Breeze to The Other Kennedys 

What was the secret calling to a heart 

What is the secret one family has tried to keep from the world 

The Whisper In The Breeze (Italian sonnet) 

A quiet night a whisper in the breeze
A scent of sorrow never felt before
An emptiness had opened up a door
And all at once my reason it did seize
A voice a song from somewhere in my past
A melancholy muse upon my soul
Implored my heart to help it pay some toll
For some unspoken woe which it amassed
It weaved a tale of all which love can be
The waves of Joy which masked its morning dew
For lovers two its heart could not be true
Its other Joys must bear its misery
My heart took in its sadness and its pain
As clouds appeared to cover up my fears
Was this the voice I hadn’t heard in years
Which whispers in the night amid the rain

Could this song have anything to do with the whisper in the breeze: 
Jean-Fran├žois Maurice "Mon Amour"

Next secret 

Joseph Kennedy Sr., starting from a solidly middle class family in Boston, created a fortune in business ventures which included banking, stock trading, producing movies and selling liquor. It is no secret how the Kennedy family has left its mark on America. The Kennedys may have two (more) secrets. Meet James Coker with Marshall Stratton (Coker and Stratton), a New York City based comedy team spreading their wings to YouTube. With the help of Nick Bernardone, they have created "The Other Kennedys". Two more secrets the Kennedy family would rather... (well, use your imagination).
In this episode The Other Kennedys let us tag along to a tennis court. "The Other Kennedys Episode 2: Tennis"

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