Monday, June 15, 2015

The Wind to Super Strong Meter Maid 

A person finds confidence in the wind that holds him back 

Was it the same wind that gave a meter maid her great confidence 

The Wind (lyrical poem) 

As I moved ahead
Knocked back by this wind
Though my doubts were shed
Brought back in this wind
My future lies ahead of me
And yet this tide won’t let me be
This wind that will not let me free
Just what controls my destiny
Mindful of words said
There within the wind
Promises it said
Hopes it did rescind
A shattered possibility
The tatters that were calling me
The matters I had wished to flee
Of someone else’s memory
So I dove ahead
With my friend the wind
Mindless tears were bled
To myself I’d sinned
Who was this one that once was me
Whose eyes forgotten how to see
Who views the world so timidly
Who used the wind to set him free
Wind now fills my sail
Future I assail
As I meet my tale
Captain should I fail

A wind of a slightly different kind: David Bowie "Wild is the Wind" 

Nothing says confidence like a meter maid 

It is believed the term "meter maid" originated between 1955 and 1960. It refers to a parking officer, whether male or female. Meet Jenni of DidThatJustHappen, who dressed her up as a New York City meter maid. Not only that, this meter maid seems to have super human strength.Talk about confidence! A meter maid with super human strength and the power of writing parking tickets. 
All this was done to get he reactions of bystanders. "The Super Strong Meter Maid" 
(No taxi driver was injured in the making if this video.) 

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