Thursday, June 4, 2015

Timely Tree to An awesome Irish card trick 

First a tale of a tree as old as time 

Then a magic tale told by a bloke is unfolded in his cards 

Timely Tree (Italian sonnet) 

The blossoms of a garden’s timely tree
Returning story planted dreams ago
Their scent still thrills the air with use to be
When branches sheltered lover’s kisses’ flow
Sweet flowers’ dance still glorifies the day
As timely tree casts meaning with its shade
How many tender heartbeats did it sway
How many precious memories were made
A distance saw some dark uncertain clouds
Whose rain would gain dominion of the sun
The timely tree stood firmly toward the shrouds
But towards its courage oh what fears would run
And as the world was shattered by the rain
Grim lightning adding terror to the night
Two lovers’ kisses started dawn’s refrain
As blossoms of a timely tree glowed bright

In the mood of this sonnet: Chris Spheeris and Paul Voudouris "Enchantment" 

Ready to be amazed 

Among the earliest references to card magic is an article from 1408, which tells of a card cheat in Paris who sought to gain advantage by manipulating the cards he was playing. A far cry from this bloke from County Cork. Ireland. Meet Dave Duggan. It is said, he does card tricks for drinks. Here he is, in a video captured by some of his friends, performing the classic "673 King Street" trick. This trick is credited to and made famous by by Australian magician James Galea. This video is another late bloomer. It stood silent for almost 2 days. Then it caught fire, with the help of 2 major news groups (Irish Examiner and
Now, you too (as apposed to U2) are about to be taken in by Dave Duggan's charm and magic. Send all drinks to... "How an Irish gets a round of drinks round the pool table!" 

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