Monday, June 29, 2015

Tomorrow’s Promise to Not going to kindergarten 

To one lover tomorrow holds promise 

To one little girl Tomorrow holds a fear of kindergarten 

Tomorrow’s Promise (Shakespearean sonnet) 

How tranquil is the gentle touch of night
The dream of you floats freely mid the air
Tomorrow’s promise you will still be there
As always cast this treasure to my sight
Sweet memories become a precious flow
Tomorrow’s promise there will yet be more
Rich splendors bless├ęd heartbeats by your shore
In heavens only lovers come to know
Tomorrow’s promise cannot fall apart
Or there will not be meaning for the stars
What crystal spring would quench the world like ours
What purpose lost can mornings help restart
How tranquil are the nights which will ensue
Tomorrow’s promise is my love for you

(You may have notice "Tomorrow’s promise" is in all three quatrains and the couplet. In addition it holds all four positions;, third, second, first and last. This was done to show "Tomorrow’s promise" all encompassing presence. - In my life there were many people who met me and helped me meet my tomorrows. Among these, there were three main people. Mr. Johnny Land, who I met in 7th grade and watched over all my school days. My wife Arlene, who stood by all the people I became until she died. Now there's my wife Amor, who makes my tomorrows easier. Of course, there was always God. I rarely asked the Lord for anything as I was provided with an abundance of help.)

Before tomorrows, there were sunsets: Alejandro de Pinedo "Golden Sunset" 

Are we ready for sine cuteness 

Kindergarten comes from a German word that literally means children's garden. The first kindergartens were believed to be created in the late eighteenth century in Bavaria and Strasbourg, to serve children whose parents both worked. Meet Mia. She has some issues with her tomorrows in kindergarten. There are two big problems. Mia is only 4 years old. She has one more year before she has to deal with kindergarten. Two: Listen to how Mia talks. She sounds too advanced for kindergarten. 
After I stopped laughing, I had this question: Was Mia really a 4 year old or little-person disguised as a child. "Mia Not going to kindergarten" 
(Yes, Mia is really 4 years old) 

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