Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Whispers Of Dream to Miguel Rivera amazing Solo Guitar 

One person searches the heart of inspiration 

Another person allows inspiration to dance on his guitar 

Whispers Of Dream (free form poem)
Don’t you hate it
When the lights go out
And the only name echoed in the darkness
Is yours
So berated
A wondrous new path
And the only words that they can say
Where are you
With things that don’t work
And the only hope of resolution
Dreams that are yours
What about you
Who do you turn to when the lights go out
Who will hold your hand when you enjoy
Who shares whispers of dreams all our own
All our own
For them it is you
You will they turn to when the lights go out
You will hold the hand that seek out Joy
You will whisper to them of dreams all their own
All our own
So they’ll state it
When your light goes out
And the only name echoed in their darkness
Is yours 

(An interesting thing about this poem. I try to write my poems so that the reader adds their experience to the lines and thus bringing the words to life. I like to say, "The reader is the final strike if the pen." In this poem, though I am not specific, most can easily find something in their life to give it full meaning.)

To go with this poem I've selected:Thomas Bergersen & Merethe Soltvedt 
"The Hero In Your Heart" 

Page two 

It is rumored, when Michael Jackson wrote the song "Beat It", he was encouraged, by his then producer, Quincy Jones, to come up with something like "My Sharona" (a huge hit for The Knack in 1979).Whether Michael Jackson,"Beat It" or "My Sharona",  Miguel Rivera was inspired. Channel Miguel Rivera, professional guitarist, composer and professor of Guitar in Madrid, Spain. When watching this video and Miguel's mastery of the guitar, one wonders why we don't hear more of him.To which Miguel answers, he s happy with the way things are. A fact that rings out in his music.
The music track was set down in a studio, but it is only Miguel performing, with no added mix. "Miguel Rivera - Beat It (Michael Jackson) - Solo guitar"

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