Saturday, June 27, 2015

Within The Moonlight’s Splendor to Killer Clowns 

Was in the moonlight that a couple was taken by a change 

Was in the moonlit night the Killer Clowns were up to no good 

Within The Moonlight’s Splendor (poem) 

Within each moment of the moonlight’s splendor
A fog of my confusion here is formed
I’m taken by these feelings soft and tender
To places dreams and wishes have all warmed
And in an instant marked by my surrender
I’m not quite sure what caused a wind to storm
Her beauty passed what any song could render
Such fantasies were born to hold her tight
Within each moment of the moonlight’s splendor
Her eyes would echo heartbeats of delight
Before some clarity I could engender
The stars had set our kisses to ignite
Was here between reality so slender
When lovers’ thoughts were nowhere to found
A soul again would meet with its contender
As once more silent madness was unbound
Within each moment of the moonlight’s splendor
A pool of blood was formed upon the ground

(This is an example of a poem that takes a unexpected path. Still, it is up to the reader to draw the final conclusion. - When we first moved into our house it behaved quite strangely. One would think it was haunted. Everything from lights on the walls, voices coming from the fireplace, footsteps in the night and more. The family was bothered to no end, so they made me investigate. One by one I found and resolved these "not so paranormal" activities. It's still a nice house. in a beautiful city, but it's not as much fun.)

Back to the poem, here's: Annie Lennox "Love Song For A  Vampire" 

If you are afraid of clowns go no further 

It has been accepted that clowns were first introduced in Egypt, during the Fifth Dynasty (about 2500 B.C.). It is no secret many people are afraid of clowns. A fact that Steven King took advantage of with his scariest clown of all time Pennywise, from "It". Dm Pranks Productions is vying for Pennywise's reputation. Dm Pranks Productions is the Italian duo of Matteo and Diego and their team. Some say their pranks are too gory. Some wonder how many victims are actually participants. 
Say what we like, Dm Pranks doesn't begin production on their next "gory" video until their last one reaches 20 million views. "Killer Clown 5 - Apotheosis! Scare Prank!" 

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  1. Within the moonlight's splendours evokes imagery of committed love at the beginning. The twist at the end is striking.

  2. thank you, Victor.
    Not being as good as most poets, I count on variety and twists to keep readers coming back.