Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Dream Perhaps to The Dream Act of Shin Lim 

More than a dream held a lover in her song 

More than magic is used to lead our imagination on 

A Dream Perhaps (Shakespearean sonnet) 

A dream perhaps and yet I was unsure
A scent of flowers stealing me away
My heart repeats the rhythms of allure
My mind’s adrift in soft and silken sway
Her song so sweet and warm soon filled the air
Her passing casting me into her spell
Each pulse a kiss a wonder that she’d share
Each thought a passage wishes she new well
All night she thrilled me filled me with her song
All visions drawn with strokes to live upon
Harsh beats across an ocean something’s wrong
Harsh notion opened eyes and she was gone
A dream perhaps that only heaven knows
Yet on a pillow by my side a rose

(Something different. Along with the sound play, I repeated twice each first words of the quatrains. In the rhyming couplet the "repeating word" structure was gone, just like the girl. - When I put this sonnet together, I was reflecting on the period, with Arlene, from 1995 to 1998. We were very fortunate to have a lifetime of experiences opened at our feet. But nothing as intense as those few years. Arlene and I were masters at throwing parties and drawing people to events. We would be guests-of-honor for many other organizations. It was an unbelievable time. Arlene even got to dance with Prince Haaken of Norway, when he was going to the University of Berkeley. Many were the mornings we would wake up to the wonder, "Did it happen at all?" Instead of a rose on a pillow, there was the wonder in our eyes."

Here is a song for this portion: Sia "I Go To Sleep" 

From magic to magic 

It is believed that the deck of playing cards was invented in Imperial China, in the 9th century, during the Tang dynasty (618 - 907). Meet Shin Lim of Acton, Massachusetts. At the age of 16, Shin’s oldest brother showed him a simple card trick and immediately ignited a passion and drive for Shin to study the art of magic and cardistry. From that one trick, Shin would become one of the most influential and recognizable magicians in the world. Along with earning the respect of his associates, they say of him that there is magic in his magic.
Now, Shin Lim is ready to put his art to the test of Penn and Teller. "Penn and Teller Fool Us // Shin Lim" 

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