Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Gentle Hand to Hand Bomb 

There is a comforting hand in times of trouble 

There is a troubling hand in times of comfort 

A Gentle Hand (repeating poem) 

In moments fraught with toil and stress
He offered up a gentle hand
When all around seemed mired in mess
And shrouds of doubt confused one’s sight
He offered up a gentle hand
Each turn of life a will oppress
Each turn of card saw hope take flight
What was the Joy of living for
He offered up a gentle hand
Those memories which now depress
The future couldn’t be as bright
As tears which flowed through evermore
Tomorrows only promise rain
He offered up a gentle hand
The screams of problems needs address
But hesitation heeds their plight
And answers meet one more closed door
With one more reason to explain
Just why it was they were not there
He offered up a gentle hand
When all around seek hearts to bless
And sped a smile of lasting light
Where sharing caring riches sore
Contentment only real refrain
For blossoms spreading everywhere
Who had learned why and understand
He offered up a gentle hand

(This poem has a number of things going on. It looks like a free form poem. On closer examination the rhyme pattern is discovered on the matching line of the next stanza, except "understand". "Understand" rhymes with "hand". Is this coincidence or is there some meaning?  Adding one more line to each successive stanza is an allusion to life seemingly adding just one more problem. - I don't consider myself a religious man, though at times when I am alone, one may catch me in conversation with my Lord. I have studied the bible, in its various forms. I tend to get in trouble, with people who "value" the bible, when I point out the non-religious truths in the bible. Most of my life, I've been lucky to have a helping hand (or two, or tree, or...) stretched out in my direction. I'm not saying this is a religious poem. I planned that "He", with a capital "H" was the first word of a sentence. I think I made my meaning clear.)

To go with the poem, I've selected: James Taylor & Carole King "You've Got a Friend" 

We move from helping hand to 

Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Joseph Lazarow was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for a July 1977 publicity stunt, in which the mayor shook more than 11,000 hands in a single day. No one knows where or when the handshake originated and, let's face it, in today's world, the handshake has spread in new dimensions. There is one that is quite dangerous. Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla (of Smosh), in their deep love for mankind (or the cash they can make from YouTube) have put together a video. 
Chances are handshakes won't hurt you. Unless it is with Hannibal Lecter. Then Run! He is gonna eat you! "HAND BOMB" 

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