Sunday, July 12, 2015

Come With Me to Camp In A Van 

A lover takes his heart to a dream she created 

A van takes a lad camping in a land of confusion and laughter  

Come With Me repeating poem) 

A memory
Returns to me
Again to see
What used to be
Come lay with me
Come stay with me
Into this light
My soul took flight
A past delight
Did there ignite
Come lay with me
Come stray with me
A heartfelt hue
That once we knew
Returns to view
Our Joyous dew
Come lay with me
Come sway with me
And soon came moon
To add its tune
As lips commune
Made lovers swoon
Come lay with me
Come pray with me
For don’t you see
My memory
You came to be
A dream set free
You laid with me
You stayed with me

(Pretty straight forward love poem. Note though, as the rhyme changes, in the first four stanzas, the last two lines stay pretty similar. As the initial rhyme returns, in the last stanza, the word "come", of the grounded two lines, changes to "you". Why? - Let me share one of the most perfectly planned dates with Arlene. We were going to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Saint Tropez (no longer there). Little did Arlene know that when I made our reservations I also planned the entire experience. I preordered every drink we would have, from our wait at the bar to our after dinner coffee. I selected our dinner, appetizer and dessert. I made arrangements for the pianist to play a few of Arlene's favorites. I prepaid for the whole experience, plus a real hansom tip. By the time we finished our drink, were seated and our waiter brought out apéritifs, Arlene sensed what was going on. I was very lucky and scored BIG that evening. The owner shared what was happening with other regulars. This is how I never had to pay for any appetizers at Saint Tropez again.)

Now after that, if we can remember the poem, here's: Snow Patrol "Chasing Cars" 

Now for an adventure of a different kind 

In the United States, the modern recreational vehicle industry had its beginnings in the late 1920s and 1930s. To take things one step further, young Anthony Padilla (of Smosh) is introduced to a recreational vehicle of a different kind. Smosh is a web-based comedy duo consisting of Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Summer is usually the time for many kids to head off to camp. Unfortunately, in today's economy, summer camps have gotten expensive. Smosh may (or may not) have an answer. So come with me. 
This may not be the best solution, but it is funny. "CAMP IN A VAN" 

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