Friday, July 17, 2015

Dearly Belovéd to Pan Fried Kale 

The mystery of lovers' etching left on a special tree 

The mystery surrounding cooking good kale 

Dearly Belovéd (round) 

Dearly belovéd an etching on tree
A soft souvenir of what used to be
A couple in love their moment in bliss
Forever in time their heartbeats to see
Was it a teardrop or was it a kiss
That inscribed for all a message as this
Maybe its meaning is drifting in night
A song in the wind the moon wouldn’t miss
Whatever its birth it whatever its light
Alive is its flame to make dreams ignite
To feel what it means through love we have bred
And there in our soul awaken its might
Dearly belovéd now etched in our head
Our reason its toy what truth does it shed
What is its secret we can’t turn away
Why are we here held by its tender thread
Dearly belovéd what does it convey
Dearly belovéd that moves us this way
Dearly belovéd runs loose in our mind
Dearly belovéd it now is this day
And then in that pause in love oh so kind
When streams of passion are mists set behind
Dearly belovéd was our memory
That some tomorrow true lovers will find

(First note: I used the word "belovéd" (pronounce bee-luv-ed - 3 syllables). I did this for the beats and to add emphasis to the word beloved (or belovéd). This poem is written with the haze of uncertainty.Then there is the feverish pitch of "Dearly belovéd", just when we think the solution is around the corner. But then we remember this poem is a round. It has no beginning or end. A real mystery... - Arlene and I existed in a realm of well placed chances. (Too bad, it had nothing to do with money. We'd be rich!) Arlene liked to drive. I loved to be with Arlene. We had a friend who worked at Avis. Once in a while, he was able to get us a great deal on unbelievable rent-a-car. Arlene and I rented these dreams and drove off in a random direction. Here's where the real magic kicked in. We always found a nice place to stay, with a vacancy. We found and enjoyed places we never knew existed. Some places only pictures, we took, would give them names. It was a time set aside for us.)

With legends of love in our mind, here's: Joaquin Rodrigo "Concierto De Aranjuez" 

From love to kale 

Kale is an amazing source of carotenoids, which are linked to one’s level of optimism (So says the North Carolina Kale Growers). I didn't know how to cook kale. Maybe you're in the same boat. Let's paddle our optimism  over to Gregg. With a company named You Suck at Cooking surely he can help. He admits it himself, he can't cook and he isn't a chef, so there are no companies or organizations behind him trying to get our money. 
Kale... that's what we need, a more optimistic egotist (Me). "Pan Fried Kale; You Suck at Cooking #ysac (episode 10)" 

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