Saturday, July 18, 2015

Disturbing Tears to Pizza Farm 

Disturbing tears cover up any rays of hope 

Disturbing food facts may not be true but they will make us laugh 

Disturbing Tears (grounded poem) 

I asked my tears what did they know
About a love of long ago
When memories once more ignite
Yet no response disturbed their flow
For one more day of heartaches so
Though lasting pain I didn’t know
The dead of sleep did soul invite
Those many endless times ago
There was a season in a flow
Where fantasies sparked lovers so
These rulers of the world’s delight
Such hidden Joys they came to know
But moment slip to whys ago
Confusion’s accusations flow
Then mystic wind steals candlelight
Of ever make this meaning so
Here in a dark I do not know
I wonder in those dreams ago
And what went wrong in all that right
Disturbing tears amid their flow

(In this poem there are two rhymes at work. One represents the tears. The other, the light of hope. Though the tears outnumber hope, it is up to the reader to imagine the final outcome. - I wish I could tell you that Arlene's and my love nest was storm free. But at least once a month, a raging storm would upset perfection. There were no blows, just yelling. I once hit Arlene,and I felt so bad I never raised a hand to her again. It was a tear that first gave birth to my love for her. So, it should't surprise anyone that Arlene's tears would melt my heart. Knowing what the final outcome is going to be, one would wonder why it took me so long to learn. Even now, I don't know. Perhaps I was a stupid guy, or perhaps it was the price of legends.)

Can we come up with something romantic with a touch of sadness? 
Sad Fantasy "La Media Luna" 

From tears to nutrition - sounds logical 

Getting adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals from food can keep you from taking sick days and missing out on daily lessons and fun. But the challenge is "adequate" seems to constantly changing. Here is Nick Offerman, to throw his at into the healthy food arena. Nick is an actor, writer, humorist and carpenter, so he knows all about nutrition. Put aside the laughing for a moment. Funny or Die has produced this satirical video in partnership with the American Heart Association in answer to the ongoing debate in Congress on healthy school meals. 
So let's season our laughter with the seriousness of tomorrow's nutrition."Pizza Farm with Nick Offerman" 

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