Thursday, July 23, 2015

Footsteps to Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition 

On one page we follow a person's obsession with footsteps 

On another page we follow a person's obsession with high heels 

Footsteps (free form poem) 

Footsteps on the street they call my life
Countless are the memories they sound
One more day the shadows and the smiles
Footsteps pounding purpose to their dreams
For here they found new meaning to their course
An extra bit of season to their time
A hint a scent a something to call mine
Footsteps haunting
Footsteps taunting
Footsteps walking through my memories
Finding Joy in instances they caused
Feeding on impossible they made
Footsteps every day a hundred more
As names repeat their need to be increase
Footsteps at my window
Footsteps at my door
In my sleep are footsteps
In their death my tears
Footsteps pounding
Footsteps grounding
Footsteps drowning hopes of normalcy
Far away from echo which they made
Streetlights bury secrets far away
Footsteps’ moments ever carry on
I hear them in the sunset’s seasoned rain
Listening to footsteps made by her

(I started this poem out with just a few footsteps. Then, all of the sudden, they became maddening. One will notice I used sound play, some rhyme and a sense of meter to mark out individuals and confusion. I tried to end with a suddenness. - I was pleasantly surprised with how broad and different a meaning this poem evoked in readers. I hope you will share yours in the comment section. Me... I put this poem together with view of my blessed life. There were many people, or footsteps, that shared my path. Some were teachers. Some needed my help. Some wanted to see or be part of the show. Countless were the footsteps and there I was. The man of the minute. Yet, through it all, there were one set of footsteps clearer; more important than them all.)

I came across this video: Cinematic Orchestra "Arrival of the Birds" 

What are footsteps without shoes - more specifically high heels 

In the ninth century, Persian horseback warriors wore a high heel (no, not Gucci) made for keeping feet from sliding out of stirrups. In response to the wild success of Jurassic World, in the box office and to take advantage of a shoe fetish legend, XVP Comedy has come up with an original idea: "Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition" (which comes in a box set). Along with the terror and the excitement of high fashion, XVP Comedy explores one more theory of extinction that wearing high heels could bring. 
So, gather that vast collection of heels around you and enjoy: "Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition (Parody)" 
(XVP Comedy wants everyone to know: no heel was harmed in the making of this video.) 

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