Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Heaven In Your Arms to Cat Hug 

A lover may write songs or poems to be in the arms of his delight 

But nothing is as powerful than a cat hug 

Heaven In Your Arms (villanelle) 

Let me return into your arms once more
And I will cast the stars for your delight
To know the Joys which heaven has in store
This moment has a purpose to explore
A lavish path of wonder to ignite
Let me return into your arms once more
The essence of a dream we two will pour
And sip of spring which grants our souls their flight
To know the Joys which heaven has in store
And when our passions brings us back to shore
As all which world held real now drifts from sight
Let me return into your arms once more
I wander through the times which were before
I didn’t sense how meaningless my blight
To know the Joys which heaven has in store
So grant this precious blessing I implore
A bliss a kiss a memory held tight
Let me return into your arms once more
To know the Joys which heaven has in store

(A standard villanelle. Notice how I added a touch of conflict near the end. For those wondering why I capitalized "Joys". Joy was Arlene's middle name. - Talk about names. I named my son Peter, so when Arlene was expecting again, she chose the name Andraya. On the day Andraya was born, it all happened really quick. I was at work when I got the call and still had to pick up Peter at daycare. Arlene went directly to the hospital. When Peter and I arrived the whole floor was very busy and quite confusing. A nurse apologized for the state of affairs, told me my daughter was born and asked me her name. I was mixed up. I turned to the 4 year old, I was holding. Surely he could remember the name his mother had chosen, He said, "Robin". When Arlene woke up and heard the name of our new addition she turned to the culprits for an explanation. When I told her the story she, and everyone there, laughed. Arlene decided to keep the name. That's how Andraya became Robin."

To try to get back to the mood of the poem: RJ's Latest Arrival "Heaven In Your Arms" 

Okay, the power of a cat hug is coming 

According to Purina, a leading manufacturer of cat products, some believe that if you dream about a white cat, good luck will follow. But the subject is hugs. For that, we turn to Olan Rogers, of Nashville, Tennessee.  Olan is ab actor, director, comedian, YouTuber and he sells T-shirts. What does Olan know about cats, you ask. He owns a cat and a dig. It seems Olan has been away a whiike and is worried how his pets feel about that. 
Let's find out and solve the suspense of the cat hug. "CAT HUG" 

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